Jason’s Life & Memory


jasonportraitJason Beach was a young man who lived a life of health, happiness and love. His goals, he set high, and his mind set no boundaries. He exuded enough positive energy to leave his every contact with a contagious smile motivated to live life to the fullest.

His continuous need to be challenged propelled him to enjoy a wide variety of activities such as hiking, swimming, art, playing soccer, the guitar, while also learning karate and kick-boxing. He became an eagle scout in 1995, graduated from Hylton High School in 1997 and was in his senior year at George Mason University. Jason was a personal trainer at an area Washington Sports Club and also a lifeguard supervisor at the local pools.

Jason was a passenger in a fatal car accident in August of 2001. Jason’s passion for life and tender heart has left an everlasting impact on the many circles of friends he was close to. Thank you for joining the friends of Jason as we have developed a foundation in his name to assist families that have been hit by tragedy, whether it be medical or accidental. Our foundation also hosts a Memorial Golf Tournament, raising money for scholarships to help local high school seniors further their education.